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Dance Studio Encinitas

Teacher Training Program

Learn to teach dance

Love to dance and love to teach? 

We are proud to offer a Teacher Training Program. It is a forum for students to gain training in teaching as well as job responsibility.

Enrollment in our Teacher Training Program will provide members with the highest standard of mentoring and guidance. Stage Door is strongly committed to enriching and nourishing the future teachers and citizens of our community.

Regardless of your future career path, Stage Door feels confident that all members of the Teacher Training Program will leave this program having learned the important life skills of respect, responsibility, accountability, discipline, confidence, and professionalism.

Student Helpers

Dancers are eligible to apply to be a student helper if they:

  • Are a minimum of 9 years old
  • Currently study Ballet, Tap, Jazz, or Hip Hop
  • Can commit to at least 1 student helping class per week
  • Can be responsible to complete a weekly “teacher task” within the studio

Contact us to find out more.