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Whether your child dances for fun or with professional intent, Stage Door is your neighborhood studio that will inspire and celebrate your child’s natural drive and spirit.

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Learning, Laughing & Loving it!
Welcome to Stage Door Dance

No matter how old your child is, whatever their level may be, they will feel right at home here, thanks to our fun, supportive instructors, friendly community, and nurturing environment. 

Our goal is to help young dancers develop the skills and confidence they need, to shine not only on the dance floor, but in everything else they do.

There is a Dance Program for Everyone

Our approach is supportive and positive so your child’s love of dance can flourish. To help you decide if our studio is right for you, we offer a FREE trial class. Click here to get started or click on one of our programs below to find out more.

Starlets class is a unique and valuable foundation in the world of dance.

Starlets and Me (18mos – 3)
Dance Classes Encinitas

The secret to our class success is the perfect mix of structure and fun.

Little Stars (Ages 2-3)
Dance Classes Encinitas

Twinkle Tots teaches ballet, tap and jazz/creative movement.

Twinkle Tots (Ages 3-4)
Dance Classes Encinitas

Dancers learn basic steps and terminology in three dance styles.

Dazzlers (Ages 4-5)
Ballet Dance Classes Encinitas

Designed to take your child from absolute beginner to stage-ready performer.

Ballet (Ages 5-10+)
Jazz Dance Classes Encinitas

Jazz classes at Stage Door are a great workout and a fun way to release tension.

Jazz (Ages 5-10+)
Tap Dance Classes Encinitas

Classes cover the basics of tap, which lead into advanced combinations.

Tap (Ages 5-10+)
hip hop Dance Classes Encinitas

Students learn hip hop dance movements in a fun-filled and vibrant class environment.

Hip Hop (Ages 5-10+)
Lyrical Dance Classes Encinitas

This class teaches expression that incorporates modern, ballet, improvisation and fun.

Lyrical (Ages 7-10+)

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Our classes are the perfect balance of structure and fun.

Hear From Our Dance Family

From beginners to aspiring professionals, we’ve helped over 3,000 students to express themselves through dance.

It’s a great environment to learn dance: It’s fun and professional at the same time
My daughter loves the class! She looks forward to dance every week, and once she is  there, she doesn’t want to leave.

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