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Dana Rosado Campbell

Dana is a native San Diegan who returned after studying dance, performance and teaching, and raising her family in Utah and the Chicago, Illinois areas. She has been teaching ballet at all levels in the North County area and principally at Stage Door since 1993. She also teaches Flamenco.

Dana has a B.A. in physical education (Dance Emphasis) and also minored in Drama. She was president of Orchesis, a member of Theta Alpha Phi, and founding member and president of The Elgin Area Performing Arts. She has extensive experience with choreography and theatrical production in community adult and children performances. She is very excited to be part of the inaugural production of The Nutcracker Suite at Stage Door, a production she was involved with on many levels for seventeen years in Elgin, Illinois.

Dana has found a philosophical home at Stage Door where children are cherished and accepted. She deeply believes In the discipline of dance studies, that beyond the grace and elegant carriage associated with dancers, students benefit from the focus, coordination, group cooperation and discipline that helps them in all facets of life.